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Little steps make a thousand miles

Team JIA+,是由厦门大学、法国布列塔尼TSB协会中的五所高校、山东大学共同组成的跨国高校联队。团队成员主要为各高校的本科生和硕士研究生,涵盖了建筑设计、结构设计、室内设计、暖通、给排水、电器、光伏、智能家居等各个专业。

        Team JIA+ is a transnational university wing composed by Xiamen University, five universities in Bretagne TSB association of France and Shandong University. The team members are mainly undergraduate students and postgraduate students of various universities, covering various majors such as architectural design, structural design, interior design, hvac, water supply and drainage, electrical equipment, photovoltaic and intelligent home furnishing.



10 August 2018



Deng Yinghang from Xiamen University explain to visitors


        Every day is a new beginning. Every new beginning is a new challenge. There is always a new beginning and a new expectation. New beginnings always face new choices. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, and all we have to do is seize today.



Su Shumiao from Xiamen University explain to visitors


        This morning, there are still a lot of tourists visiting "between nature". Deng yinghang, a student from Xiamen university, introduced our works while guiding the tourists. Su Shumiao schoolmate and the children become one, in accompanying to visit while, resolute carry out from the thought that the child grasps, to the children popularize the knowledge about the energy conservation.




Zhou Li from Xiamen University guides the minister of ecological environment 

        接近中午时分,生态环境部部长来到了我们的场地,由厦门大学周立同学引导,并详细的介绍了我们的作品在环保方面优势。与此同时,工程方面的答辩排练也在紧锣密鼓地进行着。厦门大学的庄诗潮同学,法国布列塔尼TSB协会中的五所高校Jonathan NINZATTI和山东大学的张宗敏同学在厦门大学陈兰英老师和山东大学赖艳华两位老师的陪同下,于现场进行了反复练习。在排练结束后,庄诗潮同学仍觉得不够熟练,于是留下来独自继续排练。

        Near noon, the Texas secretary of ecological environment came to our site, guided by zhou li, a student from xiamen university, and introduced the advantages of our work in environmental protection. At the same time, the construction of the defense rehearsal is also in full swing. Zhuang shichao from xiamen university, Jonathan NINZATTI from five universities in Bretagne TSB association of Franceand zhang zongmin from shandong university, accompanied by ChenLlanying from Xiamen University and Lai Yanhua from Shandong University, practiced repeatedly on the spot. After the rehearsal, zhuang still felt unskilled, so he stayed to continue the rehearsal alone.



Lai Yanhua(left) from Shandong University directs Zhuang Shichao(right) from Xiamen University and Zhang Zongmin(middle) from Shandong University



Zhuang Shichao from Xiamen University dress rehearsal


        在简单的午餐和短暂的午休后,我们迎来了工程方面的答辩,由庄诗潮同学和Jonathan NINZATTI主讲,张宗敏同学引导。庄诗潮同学的侃侃而谈,Jonathan NINZATTI的从容不迫和张宗敏同学的镇定自若都给评委留下了深刻映象。参与答辩的老师对答辩过程中的优点进行了肯定与表扬,对不足之处提出了意见和建议。

        After a simple lunch and a short lunch break, we ushered in the defense of engineering, led by zhuangshichao and Jonathan NINZATTI, and zhang zongmin. Zhuang shichao's unperturbed expression, Jonathan NINZATTI's calmness and zhang zongmin's composure all impressed the judges deeply. The teacher who participated in the defense affirmed and praised the merits of the defense process and put forward opinions and Suggestions on the deficiencies.


来自法国布列塔尼的Jonathan NINZATTI的排练

Jonathan NINZATTI from five universities in Bretagne TSB association of France dresses rehearsal



Zhuang Shichao from Xiamen University dress rehearsal alone

        答辩结束后,由赖艳华、厦门大学陈兰英和林婕三位老师共同参与,赛队成员们根据答辩老师提出的意见进行了讨论与调整。Team JIA+所取得的成绩都是建立在无数遍的演练基础上。其中学生们孜孜不倦的讨论和尝试,以及老师们分享的经验起到了至关重要的作用。

        After the defense, Lai Yanhua,Chen lanying and Lin Jie participated together, and the team members discussed and adjusted according to the comments of the defense teacher. Team JIA+ is built on countless drills. The students' tireless discussion and experimentation, as well as the teachers' Shared experience, played a crucial role.



Lai Yanhua,Chen Lanying and Lin Jie(left to right) discuss with students



We talk with each other


        The shell is great because it sharpens itself and turns life into a dazzling pearl. The eagle so tenacious, because it perfected itself, with the pain of broken fingers to win rebirth; Life is wonderful because we know how to introspect and perfect ourselves.



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